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30 mars 2010 2 30 /03 /mars /2010 05:25

I don't really know the date, but I recall this was our second day in the upperdark. But I am getting ahead of myself.

My name is Eléast Veleryld, Magnimar born Elf, rapier wielder extraordinaire and duelist. Though my family no longer wields the power nor has the prestige it once had, I intend to change that, but again with the getting ahead. I am searching for what happened to my parents and seek to destroy the cults of the ancient empire, those who draw power from the seven corrupted virtues of the fallen Runelords. I have been on the road since my search met a dead end after Jek (my half elven friend of the stealthy persuasion) and I met with Finn (the obnoxious cleric of Caylin Celan and Saranrae), Elek (the halfling air elementalist) and later on my mage cousin, Kashi.

Magnimar's mayor has sent us near the big lake, to watch over a keep between Galduria and Nybor. No sooner had the work crew set up for the next months' hard work, we were on our way to the mountains some 50 miles north and west of our future keep, where we knew some kobolds laired.

But we found more than we bargained for, an access point to the Upper Dark and its' monsters. First ones we met were some Duergar slavers which we mistook for dwarves... too bad for the ten of them, they didn't last long. We managed to save Klopek (my goblin page), a halfling ranger and a human druidess. There was also a bugbear and two lizard folk, but they went their separate ways, what can you do. But we managed to convince the cute drow rogue to follow us, she isn't as bad as I was taught to think of drow, but by her own account she is not your typical drow either...

At any rate I've decided to write down a journal of our adventures, like the pen pushers at the Pathfinders' guild ask us to do and


Damned chokers, they made me loose my train of thought. The ten of them almost made it ton the tiny hut without us noticing.

Anyways, they died fast those ugglies, it seems the underdark doesn't pose any greater challenge the Magnimar or the wild parts of Varisia. At any rate, we'll get to the river cavern by the day's end I guess, if it's like the cave of conflicts (which only had three wondering minotaurs in it) this side trek will be a piece of cake.


End of the day entry.

A drider got the jump on us and cast a web spell over the whole group (except for the two rogues who were scouting).
That bitch caught me with two of her lightning bolt before I finaly pierced her dark heart.
Thank the gods Elek's annoying rod of wonders gave us magical speed and agility or I would never have been able to jump high enough to land the killing blow.
Actually this fight deserves a better account, since it is the toughest fight I've had since the Lamia in the Shadow's clock tower. So here it goes:

We are walking down the tunnel, Jek some 40 feet ahead, Finn and I in front, Klopek, Elek and my cousin close behind, while the drow closes the march some 60 feet behind. As we near the river cave, the corridor fills up with webs. Before we can move a drider magically appears and traps us in a web spell, all of us except Jek and the drow.

Before any of us can react, the bitch throws ligthning at me and Finn, the priest luckily evades some of the spell but I am hit squarely.

We all manage somehow to move out of the magical webs and then Elek uses his ever so anoying rod to speed us all up. Which allows me to throw a tabglefoot bag at the thing (which will slow it down for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, Klopek wastes crosbow bolts at the fiend, while drow takes a few tentative shots with her bow. The fiend, hits me again with her lightning, this time it hurts, but  Kashi and Elek start landing as they break through the spidery monster's spell resistance. Kashi's fireball having burned away all the webs, I am able to jump up at the spider to graze it's hairy underbelly with my rapier. Feeling the end near, the drider turns invisible.

Kashi's initial trial to make it appear with his wand of glitterdust fails, but Finn purges all invisibility from the cave and I jump up beneath the moster, piercing her dark heart. The thrice damned thing almost crushed me as it fell from the tunnels ceiling.


Beat, we decided to take a rest. We'll head back towards the chasme in a few moments, the night was very quiet.

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Épisode 2: Elwiir le Ranger Eladrin, se fait étrangler par des Choker dans les tunnels de Orogs. Heureusement... un parchemin de résurection est trouvé sur les cadavres des Orogs et Oron peut le ramener à la vie. (Oui, oui Déus Ex Machina, je sais. Mais j'ai mal évalué le combat et j'ai mal joué les monstres... I gave him a break).    

Épisode 3: Oron Lebeaume, Nain Prêtre, se fait hacher mince par des orques et ne parvient pas à se stabiliser à temps. Dalucia Yemla, la prêtresse de Lumen le ramènera d'entre les morts. 

Épisode 5: Oron Lebeaume, Elwiir, Sigwald et Kerak trouvent la mort sous les coup de Grashk le chef de la garnison du repère des orques.  Pas de résurection cette fois.

Épisode 30: Shyr Hurgyen, se fera tire une balle d'adamante dans la tête par le Grand Assassin de la Légion Rouillée, Morik le Grand Mortificator. Il se fera ramener à la vie par Dalucia Yemla, une fois de retour à Castra Vélorme. 

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